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When I was planning the launch of THE SEO QUEEN, I had my websites hosted with various low cost website hosting providers. In the space of 5 months my websites were hacked multiple times. I had to rebuild my website from scratch, and I was asked to pay $100s of dollars in fees to clean and secure my site. In addition, I had to purchase a SSL certificate separtately as well. When Wpengine came along, I was very skeptical. I thought that the price was a little high.

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However, they assured me that I could cancel my hosting services at anytime. So I began the process of migrating my websites off the discount website hosting platforms. It is over a year later, and my site(s) have been up 100% of the time!
I am so pleased that I do not have to worry about cyber attacks, and my site going down due to backdoors in the servers.
In addition, I have ssl free for all of my sites, and I am so happy. Switching to Wpengine was one of the best business decisions I have made, and I urge you to the do the same!