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Turbo Charge your Digital Marketing

CMO in a Box is for companies who desire agressive growth.

Zhe L. Scott is a Marketing Unicorn. She is a triple threat who wants to double the revenue generated from your online efforts. As a multi-talented, full stack marketer she will lead her team to craft a customized strategy that will optimize your online demand generation efforts. She and her team will write code, optimize content and website for SEO, pitch editors, configure marketing automation, clean up your backlink profiles, turbo charge your social media marketing, understand analytics across multiple platforms, optimize email marketing, optimize video marketing, and more.

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Ms. Scott was an instructor in a digital marketing course I had taken. As a student that sought current, relevant content in the area of digital marketing, it was abundantly clear that Ms. Scott was knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about her industry and certainly “current”. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and found Ms. Scott to be thoroughly engaged with her students, effective in communicating with them and driven to ensure their success.Enter your text here…

About the Author

Author of the book, SEO Training 2017: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for Small Business, Zhe L. Scott, loves to educate and execute effective digital marketing strategies for her clients. Her passion is search engine optimization. However, she also drives all aspects of digital marketing.

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