Your First Month With The SEO Queen

We strive to provide an effective & affordable SEO service that delivers a genuine ROI. During your first month, we cover everything needed to rank on Google for the long-term.

Weekly Content
Our weekly articles are sent over to you via email once per week, when we have your approval, we can publish them for you on your blog section to ensure that everything is formatted correctly. We will assign your weekly content to be sent over on a specific day every week, which will be confirmed by your account manager.


On-Page Optimization
We optimize your site completely, this takes 3 – 4 weeks, depending on how large your site is. When done, we’ll provide a comparison report. For more information on how we do this, see our optimization guide here.


For backlinks, we do custom outreach. We contact media/blog sites in your industry to acquire guest posting privileges. Please note though, it’s very important to publish our articles. Having consistent content published on site helps us acquire backlinks, if your site is inactive, it will be tough to get any approvals.

Outreach links take 3-4 weeks to go live, as it’s a manual process. We focus on quality over quantity. For more information on how we acquire backlinks, see our backlinks guide here.


At the end of the month, we will provide a brief overview on everything that has been done, please note that our reporting happens after the first month. This is because as an SEO service, the amount of time it takes to see measurable results is around 2 months, we provide monthly reports from month 2 onwards.

You can also format your own reports in the ‘Report’ section of the dashboard, if needed. We cannot provide super detailed reporting due to our pricing being affordable. We focus more on delivering our service rather than detailed reporting.

We aim to be a long-term solution for SEO, we believe that our model provides genuine transparency into what we do, how & when.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! 🙂