Digital Marketing Services List: An A la Carte Menu

The Digital Marketing Services List by The SEO Queen is easy to access. Just click the category that you are interested in, and the correct services in that category will appear. After browsing this page, and you do not find what you are looking for please check out our Signature SEO Services and our Launch Phase SEO Services Page for additional options. Thank you for visiting The SEO Queen

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Custom Digital Marketing Plan

Not sure how you can increase revenue from your online presence? Pick this package today to get your own custom digital marketing plan created. This plan will inventory your existing digital marketing assets, find places where you can gain ground, and new technology and tactics to help you generate the revenue streams that you are dreaming of. You will love how this $5,000 investment will bring you hundreds of thousands in return over time.

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Paid Ad Management

Paid Ad Management for Google Adwords or Bing is ideal for this package. If you want to get traffic to your website instantaneously then purchase this package. This daily paid ad management is $3000 per month. The ad fee is not included in this fee. What this fee includes is keyword research, strategy formulation, ad copy creation, and implementation. You will see the ad copy  before it is implemented, and the campaign before it is launched. We aim to please! Please note, a minimum of $2,000 per month or $115 per business day is required for ad spend.

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TSQ Support

By clicking this button you can purchase the amount of phone time in one minute increments that require to discuss your marketing strategy and other needs. This is ideal for any digital marketing campaign questions that you have that require time outside the scope of your existing package. This is also good for those businesses who know what they want and just need a sounding board to run their digital marketing by. Please specify if you will need to screen share in the notes on your purchase. 

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A la Carte Search Engine Optimization Services

Keyword Research Report

Not sure what keywords are converting into leads and sales on your website? Not sure which keywords you should be using to boost your online visibility? If you want help with answering those questions to create more effective content for your website and social media then purchase this keyword research report which will audit your existing traffic and sales to determine where you will have more bang for your buck. This Premium report can be purchased for $500. A Basic Keyword Research Report can be purchased for $125. The premium analyzes all keyword data from your site, competitors, and google webmaster tools. The Basic Keyword research report just gives you your best performing keywords and suggestions.

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On Page Report

This is a great option if you have a development team that can implement changes for you.  This ala carte on page report will give you all of the recommendations for your internal linking, meta tags, alt tags, and more. You will get the instructions for where duplicate and thin content needs to be eliminated. Please note that the on page implementation report does not include content creation for products or pages. However it does include all coding changes necessary for meta tags, alt tags, internal linking, canonical tags, and more. This premium on page report for an entire website can be purchased for $1,000. The Basic On Page Report which only looks at 10 pages maximum, can be purchased for $125

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On Page Implementation

So you have purchased your on page implementation report. However you need support implementing all of the changes. You can purchase this on page implementation for $1,000. This includes 500 words of content created to eliminate thin content on pages. Basic On Page Implementation is good for 2 hours of on page implementation time. $125 is the fee

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Link Building

Link Building is an important part of your search engine optimization strategy for your website. Through Link Building you increase the popularity of your website, and help other businesses find you, your products and services with more touch points online. Google rewards this increased popularity with improved keyword rankings. $125 for 30 Backlinks

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Social Media Services

10,000 Facebook Fans

Boosting your fan base can translate into your product being carried on major box retailer websites. It can lower your cost per click for ads on Facebook. Having a larger fan base can boost your credibility in the market place as well. 10,000 fans are only $5,000 for the SEO Queen. This includes the ad spend, labor, and includes targeting your ideal demographic. You will have your fans in 30 days or less.

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30 day Editorial Calendar

This Social Media Calendar includes the scheduling of the social media channel of your choice for either Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, or Linkedin. This calendar takes 2 weeks to develop for you. You will receive tracking links, and a spreadsheet with information necessary to post and track the results of the posts.

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Hashtag Strategy Plan

Not sure what hashtags you should use for your brand? Not sure how to weave effective use of hashtags into your marketing strategy, then you need this report. The Seo Queen will help you use the hashtag to generate more traffic on your social media, increase engagement, and improve you keyword rankings on Google and other search engines.

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Website Design Services

10 Page Website

10 page website on a website content management system. The approved website content management systems for this build are: Squarespace, WordPress, and Shopify. The design also includes meta tags, alt tags, schema, and internal linking for those pages.

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1 Custom HTML Webpage on a website

If your website does not have a CMS and you need some custom coding for your website, the fee starts at $1,000 per page. This fee includes making sure that the changes do not break your existing website, and that all appropriate code is updated site wide.

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Webpage creation on a CMS

So you already have your domain name, and your website is live. You need some help polishing up your website a page at a time. The Seo Queen can help. It’s only $100 per page.

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