This is a Growth Marketing Conference that you do not want to miss.  SEO is Forever, however only 30% of businesses have a SEO Strategy. People are scared of investing in their businesses because we live in a globally integrated, yet volatile economy. Technology shifts are happening at an even faster pace then 5, 10, or even 20 years ago.  I know you do not want to be left ill equipped for the next phase of the information age, the knowledge economy where technology dominates our lives, and ultimately how we can win in business. 


All because times are challenging does not mean you give up. 


Hi, my name is Zhe Scott, and I am the SEO Queen. I know what it means to struggle. I’ve been homeless, I have been on food stamps, and I have suffered as a black woman from the wage gap. Where I was paid 60-40% less than white males employed to the same job as me. However they lacked 2 MIT degrees, and 1 Masters degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Michigan. 


I have launched the first annual Reach More Clients Power Conference because it is time for you to win. Yes the economy is tough. Yes times are hard, but if you leverage the power of the internet to tap into the millions of people looking for what you have, you can win. You can go from $0 to 50K per year, you can go from 50K to 100K, 100K to 1M in revenue per you. No matter where you are in your business journey, this conference will give you tools, strategies, and tactics to take your business to the next level. I know what it means to reinvent and bootstrap. I definitely practice what I preach. 


All you have to do is innovate, create, and expand your knowledge, wisdom, intuition and skills to catapult yourself into the life you dream. 


Follow me, Zhe Scott, The SEO Queen on this 3 day empowerment journey to learn how to use strategies and tactics that cost 60% less than traditional marketing methods.


You are going to hear from some of the best SEOs in the world, mindset and sales coaches, business experts, and millionaire entrepreneurs who are crushing it at what they do. 

You do NOT want to miss this amazing growth marketing conference. 

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