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Joseph Morris, PhD, MSN RN https://www.seoqueen.com/podcast-guests/Dr-Joseph-Morris-RN/ 

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Dr. Joseph Morris is The Founder and Executive Director of ICare-Alz.org





Bio: Dr. Joseph Morris


Dr. Morris is the Executive Director and founder of the International coalition for alzheimer’s research and education. 

With nearly 20 years of experience, he has a diverse leadership background in academia, administration, clinical practice, and community outreach.


Dr. Morris has earned several professional degrees and certifications which include a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Post-Masters of Science in Gerontology as a Nurse Practitioner and a Post-Masters Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Certification all from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Dr. Morris obtained his PhD of Philosophy in Nursing Science with an emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease and Bio-Behavior from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in which he graduated with top honors. He was recently named UCLA’s School of Nursing Alumnus of the year (2017), Villager Award Leadership (2017), I️-Help Foundation Executive of the Year Award (2017), the American Nurses of America/California, Presidential Leadership Award (2018), and 2019 Emcee for UCLA’s 70th Anniversary Gala.


Dr. Morris has published and presented several scholarly papers at the state, regional, and national conferences. In addition he has remained extremely active in community outreach and educating at risk groups regarding Alzheimer’s Disease. In fact, his latest project includes a self-published children book: “The World’s Greatest Grandpa…” a fictional novel that focuses on educating Parents and Children about Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Morris has received several distinguished awards including the Faculty of the year Award, John. A Hartford Fellowship, and the California Research & Education Endowment. He is a member of many professional organizations including Sigma Theta Tau, Geriatric Society of America, & Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated. He is a lifelong learner and strong advocate for student success. His other areas of interest include: mentoring undergraduate and graduate students, teaching, faculty development, musicology, and community outreach.


Recent Accomplishments and Activities

Self Published Children’s Book

The World’s Greatest Grandpa:

A Children’s Guide to Understanding Alzheimer’s disease

By Dr. Joseph Morris



Outskirts Press:



Barnes & Noble:



Amazon Bookstore:



The Essentials of Success: 101 Quick Questions Every Leader Should Know




Nxtgov Presentation Workshop about Essentials of Success




The World’s Greatest Grandpa: A Children’s Guide to Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease:


Sacramento Public Library: Library of Congress Book Adoption



Big Momma Sweet Potato Pies: A Children’s Guide to Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease:




The Music within Me: A Children’s Guide to Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease (Spanish):



The Music within Me: A Children’s Guide to Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease(English):



Tia Chi in the Park: A Children’s Book about Alzheimer’s Disease



Safety First: A Guide for Children and Family Members Caring for Person’s with Alzheimer’s disease



Complete list of current books on Amazon:



Univ of Michigan (page 35)



UCLA Distinguished Alumni Award




UCLA 2018 Keynote Grqduation Commencement Speaker (fast forward to 2:53)



UCLA: Remember Me



We Rise:Mental Fitness-How to Fight and Win Against Alzheimers

Phi Beta Sigma



Southern Nevada Black Nurses Awards Keynote



I️-Help Foundation (2017 Administrator of the Year Award)



Standford Health System Grand-rounds 2017



ACNL Minority Summits



HealthImpact Summit



Keynote Speaker Filipino nurses association SanDiego (see page 13)




ANA keynote 2017



CNSA keynote 2017



PNA keynote 2018



ANA/C 2018 Presidential Award Recipient and Speaker



Legislative sunset paper



Health Impact Minority Leadership



Twitter: Words of Wisdom


twitter.com › samanthafarrnp › statusWeb resultsSamantha GamblesFarr on Twitter: “Words of mentor wisdom: “When …


Founder of iCare (International Coalition for Alzheimers Research an Education)




Keeping Nursing patients hydrated 




“Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.”




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