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If you need educational resources to support your efforts to optimize your digital presence online, then you have come to right place. Zhe Scott, The President and founder of The SEO Queen has written these books with you in mind.  She answers frequently asked questions such as: Where to start; how to identify the best keywords; how to implement keywords into the content, and most importantly how to get onto google page 1.

The Founder, Speaker, CEO, and Author Zhe Scott has created these books about SEO, business, and marketing so that you have a record of the tactics and strategies that she has used to build online businesses, guide over 300 campaigns successfully, and drive over $60,000,000 USD in revenue over her 20+ year career. Click the links and download them all now to access her playbook for success. In addition, if you ever want to chat with her about any concepts in the book you have a few options. You can join her Facebook group here or book an hour of her time at $60 by booking here  and she will be happy to get back to you and get you on her schedule.


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40 Steps to Google Page 1 Audiobook

40 Steps to Google Page 1 Book

101 Ways to Improve your Marketing & Sales

SEO Training 2017 Paperback

SEO Training 2017 E-Book