The Stanky Leg and Beyond!

THE OFFICIAL GS BOYZ creators of the hit song Stanky Leg       THE OFFICIAL GS Boyz are THRILLED to announce their new single: “OFF TOP” from their new album “Designer Boomerang”. Bookmark this page to follow what is happening with the #GSBoyzTour daily. In 2009, the Stanky Leg became a viral sensation. Everyone from Shemar Moore, to Will Smith, athletes, pets and police officers have been getting into the action. In addition, Silento even highlighted this southern move in his song as well. Now, it’s 2017, 8 years after the start of the Stanky Leg, and the stanky leg don’t stop, won’t stop.

To follow up the success of the Hit song “Stanky Leg” the Official GS Boyz have released the single “Off Top”.  Some critics have said that the Official GS Boyz are one hit wonders, but this page shows how much the Official GS Boyz have and continue to make people all over the world feel good with fun songs and dance tracks. Don’t forget to cop the single “OFF TOP”

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The Official GS Boyz Tour is promising to be a must attend event. Please check this page often to learn how you can get involved. There will be opportunities to meet the guys Slizz and Marc D. There is also a Dance contest going on. The rules are simple: download “OFF Top”, video tape you and your crew with your best moves to the song, and email your video link to We are going to be accepting submissions until December 31, 2017 for consideration for the 2018 OFF TOP dance video.  Please be as creative as possible with your dance moves. Make sure you include the stanky leg dance move in your video. Also make sure that you upload it to Youtube, and email us the link. We can’t wait to see your moves with your crew.