Established in 2023 by T. Chamberlain, TRIPSS stands as a pioneering force in Trauma Re-entry Intervention Prevention Supportive Services. Our organization is steadfast in its commitment to effecting positive change, operating at the critical nexus of trauma awareness, re-entry support, intervention strategies, and preventative measures. Addressing the myriad challenges individuals encounter upon re-entry into society after traumatic experiences, TRIPSS recognizes the need for comprehensive supportive services. We empower individuals to navigate the complexities of their post-traumatic journey through innovative interventions and a supportive framework, fostering resilience and promoting healing. Embracing the mantra “We Believe in Second Chances,” TRIPSS envisions a society where individuals not only recover from trauma but also find the tools to build a sustainable future. Moreover, our dedication extends to those justice-impacted individuals, ensuring that they, too, receive the support and opportunities essential for rebuilding their lives.