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7 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Using Instagram

By March 27, 2017 May 30th, 2019 Instagram

This Blog’s topic is instagram marketing, and this blog reveals 7 ways to increase your website traffic using Instagram. The engagement and traffic that you generate for your brand/service/product on Instagram will boost your social signals so that you gain favorable rankings on Google.

  1. Convert Your Personal Instagram Account to a Business Profile:Make sure that you have a Facebook business page, and your Instagram profile is connected to it. Once you create your business page, just go to Options on your Instagram account, connect your Facebook business page, and Switch to a Business Profile. The Instagram Business Profile is very helpful with tracking your progress in growing your engagement.
  2. Put Your Target Landing Page in Your Bio: Instagram only allows one live link. Make sure that the one page that you want traffic to is the link in your Bio. Test the link, and make sure that it works.
  3. Make Sure That Your Contact Button is Configured Correctly. Your contact button on your new business profile should be connected to your business phone number and business email. Also make sure that you check that email so that you can respond to the emails as they come in.
  4. Post Images of Faces. Research shows that photos of people have 38% more engagement than images with no face
  5. Use 11 Hashtags Per Post. Research shows that posts with 11 hashtags have higher engagement. I have found that I have increased my followers every time I post. A standard hashtag you can use regardless of your product type is #followme
  6. Post 1 Time a Week Minimum and Be Consistent. 
  7. Mention your Instagram on other social media accounts to drive traffic to your Instagram. You can follow me at @ladyzhe.

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