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Things to Do to Build Your Profile on LinkedIn Using SEO

By August 24, 2021 seo

If you think SEO is only for your website’s content, well, you’re wrong. You can also utilize SEO to build your LinkedIn business profile and make more connections and increase awareness. LinkedIn should be one of your marketing tools to introduce your business to professional audiences. 

Many companies don’t realize that Google also indexes and crawls LinkedIn. Hence, you also need to optimize your business’s profile on LinkedIn to gain a higher chance of appearing in Google search results. To help you optimize your LinkedIn profile for SEO, here are some of the helpful things you need to do:

1. Don’t Forget to Include Relevant Keywords

If you’re already familiar with SEO, you know that keywords are the primary tool to make it work. LinkedIn is no different from your website; you also need to include keywords relevant to your audience. The only difference between your website and your LinkedIn profile are the pages. 

Your website has many pages to navigate on. However, LinkedIn has only one, so as much as possible, incorporate keywords on each section to gain a higher chance of visibility. You can put keywords in your posts’ tagline, about section, experience section, and skills. If you can, add more sections so that you can put more keywords in your profile.

2. Change Your LinkedIn Profile URL

LinkedIn provides a profile link on the contact section. If you’ve managed to find it, consider changing it and customizing it according to your business name. A customized URL in LinkedIn will gain a higher chance to rank high in organic search results. Instead of having random letters and numbers on your URL, users will be more likely to find your business if you put your brand name on the URL.

3. Put a Name on Your Profile Picture and Banner Image File

Another way to optimize your LinkedIn profile for SEO is to name your profile picture and banner image file according to your company name or relevant keywords. Before you upload, make sure that it has the proper name because Google can also index it. When the user searches for a keyword related to your business, your logo or image will appear because Google discovered your photo through its file name.

4. Consider Creating Backlinks

You can also use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website by creating backlinks. When you post, include a related link from your website. You can also have your website’s link anywhere on your profile page. The more backlinks you have, the more chances you can rank higher on search engines.

5. Post Optimized Content on Your Feed

To raise brand awareness, reach, and website traffic, focus on creating optimized content on your feed. Optimized content means that you should include keywords, links, and call-to-action to your posts so that LinkedIn’s algorithm can push your posts to more audiences and drive more traffic to your website. 


Don’t miss out on the opportunities you can have in optimizing your LinkedIn business profile for SEO! LinkedIn is just another platform that can significantly add value to your business because it can also bring traffic, sales, and revenue. After knowing these things, you’re now ready to optimize your LinkedIn profile! Hopefully, you can build more connections and raise more awareness using our guide. 

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