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3 SEO Tips to Maximize the Holiday Rush Amidst the Pandemic

By December 16, 2020 January 13th, 2021 Search Engine Optimization

The holidays are an exciting time for people as everyone rushes to squeeze in their last-minute shopping spree, making it a merry occasion for businesses. While the holiday rush can skyrocket your sales, search engines like Google, Bing, and more will likely see a spike in holiday-related traffic. 

Staying on top of the seasonal search queries is critical if you want your brand to remain visible and have a competitive position, but ranking high is even more critical with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak throwing a wench to everyone’s plans this 2020. 

If you’re looking for ways to spread the festive spirit among the pandemic-fatigued shoppers, the tips below should improve your SEO strategy and ensure your bottom line ends on a high note: 


Tip #1: Improve Your Keyword Research Strategy 

Beyond revamping your keywords and ensuring they are relevant to holiday-related search queries, it’s critical to think about the lifestyle changes created by the coronavirus. Most people will rely on the internet for gift ideas, but there will be trends that will boom now more than ever.

Some changes in the buyer’s trends include the sudden popularity of home equipment – be it to cater to the new work-from-home set-up, home-friendly fitness gifts, baking tools, and other remote-inspired items that are dominating Santa’s list this 2020. 


Tip #2: Focus on Informative, Top-of-Funnel Holiday Content 

Shopping for gifts, seasonal decor, and other wintry whims is a thrilling activity for consumers, but the experience will be considerably different now that most markets will rely on the internet to shop online. 

It can be a confusing time for many, so it helps to produce top-of-funnel holiday-related content such as online buying guides, at-home gifts to recommend, and articles that inform home-bound families on how to celebrate while practicing social distancing. 


Tip #3: Create Holiday Season Gift Pages

The season is the perfect time to set up a special landing page dedicated to exclusive offers, stay-at-home deals, and other promotional products. Creating an optimized gift page can push your ranking forward and increase the impact of your call-to-action, allowing your target audience to see your value proposition for the festive months ahead. 


The Bottom Line: Keeping Your Website Bright and Merry Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak 

The holidays are a time for businesses to push their best deals forward, but there are other factors to consider as people will celebrate in a COVID-ridden world. Finding ways to improve your visibility and ensure your content can keep the festive spirit alive is crucial, so the tips above should help you make the most of the merriest time of the year amidst the pandemic. 

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