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5 SEO Best Practices You Can Use for Ecommerce Product Pages

By April 12, 2022 September 21st, 2022 seo, Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimization is usually a process that improves the visibility of a page in the search engine result page. There are various techniques for optimizing a page for search engines. So, what are the best practices for eCommerce product pages?

1. Use the Right Keywords

Keywords are the most important words that describe the product. When you search anything in the search engine, it will present to you the list of websites that contain the keywords you type. Keywords are used to boost the rank of a site or product in the Google search engine.

While you are building the content of the product page, you should include the keyword in the title and the content. It is also important that you use the keyword in the heading, subheading, bullet points, and description.

2. Add Unique Content

You must know that there are some eCommerce website owners who have limited content on their product pages. The wrong approach is to use the same content on different eCommerce websites. If a user is interested in buying the same product on different sites, he or she would visit each of the sites and read the same content.

So, the content of your product page should be unique. You must have a unique description. You must also have a unique set of keywords and unique content for the seller and manufacturer information.

3. Use Images and Videos

People are visual. People love to watch videos, especially people who have a short attention span. So, you must have a set of high-resolution images for your product page. But, images should not be only about the product; the images must tell a story. You must have images that show how the product is made.

In addition to the images, you should also have a video on your product page. You should have a video that shows how the product works or how to use the product. You should have videos, case studies, and tutorial videos on the product page.

4. Use Informative Metadata

When it comes to optimizing a page for search engines, the metadata is the most important part. Metadata is the brief description of a page and the keywords. To optimize your product page, you must have some informative metadata.

There should be some important description of the product, and the product should include some product attributes. You must include the price of the product and sales tax. You must also have product-related information like shipping and handling, returns and exchange policy, and the manufacturer details.

5. Include the Call to Action

When you are writing the content for your product page, you must include a call to action. A call to action is the action that you want your target audience to take. So, you must have a call to action on your product page that instructs the user to take action.

A call to action usually appears in the form of text, buttons, or a link. A call to action encourages the visitor to buy something or to get in touch with the company. You can also use the call to action to ask visitors to sign-up for the newsletter or to follow the company’s social media account.


The most important factor of an online business is the product page. No matter how good your business strategy is, if the product page is not good, you cannot get any traffic. So, it is essential to create a perfect product page. If you follow the above-discussed eCommerce best practices, you can create a good product page.

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