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Here’s Why Your Website Isn’t Appearing on Search Engine Results

People who wish to have a stable online presence must remember that their dream isn’t impossible to reach, although it will require hard work, patience, and time to make it come true. Whether it’s for personal reasons or a start-up business, you will need to focus on gaining a high ranking on search engines to achieve your objectives.

After trying to leave your mark on the digital world for some time, nothing seems to be working, and you aren’t receiving the results you want. In that case, it may be time for you to take a step back and evaluate your situation. Knowing where you went wrong is necessary, so you can apply the needed changes and focus on online strategies that work for you.

Learning how to optimize your content is crucial because it’s what will attract your customers to your online platforms, whether it’s your website or social media accounts, in the first place. Keep reading below to find out why you aren’t ranking enough on search engines and why you may need to hire digital marketing services to get you on the right track.

Your Website Has a Slow Loading Speed

One of the main reasons why your platform isn’t gaining a high ranking and appearing on search engines is it loads slow, which is also the reason behind driving away your visitors. When your website doesn’t load in under three seconds, you can say goodbye to potential customers.

Your priority should be to provide users with an experience like no other, convincing them to stay on your website and engaging with it for a longer period. Whether they’re buying your products or availing of your services or not, getting them to stay for your content helps too.

Your Website Isn’t Made for Mobile

Besides fixing your website’s page speed, you should also look into its web design and if it’s made for mobile and other devices other than desktop computers. More users nowadays browse the internet using their smartphones, and if you cannot keep up with their demands, you can expect a low ranking and fewer visitors.

To turn your website mobile-friendly, you could seek celebrity SEO services to help you develop a responsive web design that works perfectly well on mobile. They can also optimize your content to cater to other devices. When you give people what they want, you satisfy search engines, too, enough to provide you with a high ranking.

Your Website Lacks Credibility

Your content is what people visit your website for, so you must ensure they’re authentic, unique, and relevant to your readers. Focusing on producing high-quality content sets you up for success because users will consider your platform a place where they can acquire credible information.

However, you shouldn’t cheat your way into ranking high online by duplicating content from other websites that seem to be doing better than you. You could face worse outcomes, such as getting a penalty from Google, losing your ranking, and possibly facing legal consequences for plagiarizing other people’s work.


Nowadays, achieving a high online ranking is integral to individuals and businesses who wish to gain a stronger presence, more customers, and better sales on the internet. If you aren’t getting the results you want, it could be because your website has a slow loading speed, isn’t optimized for mobile, or lacks the credibility to provide relevant content. You could strive to apply the necessary changes and seek a professional to offer you custom digital marketing solutions to address your specific needs. 

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