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Why Your Website Needs an SEO Audit in 2021

SEO auditing is one of the foundations of building your website’s SEO strategy. It is only through a comprehensive audit that you will have a proper idea of what you need to change, improve, or overhaul completely for your website to perform well in the long-term.

What Is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a top to bottom review of your website to assess performance and identify all its strengths and weaknesses. In an audit, you will look at your website’s overall infrastructure, your on- and off-page activities, your backlinks, conversion rates, general usability, keyword density, content-related issues, and more.

Your SEO strategy should be continuously evolving, and regular audits will help with that. Constantly checking in on your internal systems will make sure that your website is optimized correctly so you can continue to get search engine traffic and make those valuable sales conversions.

Why Are SEO Audits Important?

Google and Bing’s algorithms are continually changing, and websites are expected to keep up. You need to make sure you are refreshing and adjusting your content accordingly. 

If there are any issues that mean search engine algorithms cannot correctly crawl your website, you don’t stand a chance at ranking against your competitors. You miss out on organic traffic, and you miss out on sales. Instead, these conversions will go directly to your competitors. 

Your website likely consists of dozens, maybe even hundreds of web pages. It can be challenging to keep track of their performance if you don’t check in on each of them regularly. 

However, with an SEO audit, you can highlight any issues in your website’s technical health, search engine ranking, user experience, and more. You will also be able to identify problem areas and highlight critical actionable tasks that will help you boost your website’s performance. 

What Are The Different Types Of SEO Audits?

Website Content Audit – In digital marketing, content is king. To make sure that yours continues to reign unopposed, an audit is necessary.

A content audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s content and how your pages are performing. This will give you insights into how to punch up underachieving content and update your posts to rank higher. Once you know all of your problem areas, you can adjust your content strategy and plan out high-value content for the future. 

Technical Audit – This focuses on your website’s technical details, such as speed, broken links, redirects tags, and more. Page errors reduce website traffic, so you need to fix anything that’s broken.

A high-performing website is cohesive and makes navigation a breeze for all visitors. Google’s algorithms rank based on mobile indexing data and page loading speeds, so you have to make sure they are always in tip-top shape. 

Competitive Website Audit – It’s important to be aware of what your direct competitors are doing. Identify content that ranks well for them, and break down what they’re doing right. You can use their effective tactics as jump-off points for your strategy and utilize their pain points for your own success.


A complete SEO audit gives you valuable insight into your website’s current status. It will help you identify any gaps and areas for improvement to make your website as successful as possible. As such, regular, detailed content and technical analysis should be the foundation of your SEO strategy so you can raise your conversion rate higher and higher.

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