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Praise for the SEOQUEEN over the years

WOW, what a session I had with Zhe. She takes things down a level so that you get to understand the real power of what it is you offer your potential clients. Very powerful and I rate her and what she does very highly.

Fraser HayGrow Your Business Club, Founder

I contacted THESEOQUEEN for a website earlier this year and every interaction was pleasant and helpful. She did a great job and delivered exactly what I wanted. The turnaround in my case was very fast if you're looking to have a site built she is the go to person to get it done.

Shonette Freeman

Zhe is one of the online black businesses I was blessed enough to work with this year. I'm happy to say that we have an ongoing professional relationship. Her experience in the world of online presence, SEO and digital marketing are unparalleled. If you want to plan to take your project or business to the next level sign up for this conference.

Chantal Amsterdam

Zhe is an excellent co-worker and an outstanding Marketing Manager. At the industrial company where we worked together, she completely revamped their marketing image from the stone age into the 21st century.

Brian Priest

Ms. Scott was an instructor in a digital marketing course I had taken. As a student that sought current, relevant content in the area of digital marketing, it was abundantly clear that Ms. Scott was knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about her industry and certainly "current". I thoroughly enjoyed her class and found Ms. Scott to be thoroughly engaged with her students, effective in communicating with them and driven to ensure their success.


Zhelinrentice has enhanced our website business like no other before. She is a true professional. We now retain her on an ongoing basis.

Fred Sipper

I'd like to take a moment to thank The SEO Queen, Lady Zhe for all she's done. She is fast, thorough and a pleasure to know as well. She has been so helpful in assisting me to grow with an uncanny thought process towards success. Thank you again. I appreciate you.

Dennis Jefferson

Our company (Classico lab coat company) started a business with STI-CS 2 months ago.But Zhelinrentice (Service Provider) has showed me her excellent work and skill .And She also taught me a lot of things about US marketing without any extra charges.I really appreciate it.

Xiruo GuoClassico LabCoat

Zhe is a Joy to work with, and has helped me refine my digital marketing strategies for my online digital assets. In addition, we are strategic partners and continue to build continuous success together.

Kori Raishon

Sis, I have to give you kudos. I haven't looked at my landing page database since I launched my book back in July. I looked at it this evening and noticed I had over 500 names and emails!!! I give you the credit for doing your SEO thang!


Zhe is my website developer for my website which has been complex for me, but she knows her stuff and gets the job done. For photo restoration, graphic design and print services and does an amazing job.

Ardena Brooks

You have a long time customer, I like how you handle business. Keep up the good work.

M. Gaines

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