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3 SEO Trends Businesses Should Be Ready for in 2021

By December 29, 2020 January 13th, 2021 Search Engine Optimization, seo

Search engine optimization (SEO) improves your website’s visibility on the Internet. As a business owner, you need to invest in SEO to establish a strong online presence. That’s because a majority of your target audience uses search engines to make informed purchase decisions, so following SEO trends and incorporating them into your marketing plans are important. 

SEO is ever-evolving, which means the best practices today may change in the future. To help you stay ahead of the competition and be relevant to your customers and prospects at all times, familiarize yourself with the following SEO trends and predictions you should look out for in 2021:

  • Customer analytics, retention, and lifetime value

SEO is primarily focused on driving traffic. However, it has evolved into so much more. In 2021, expect this tactic to be used to boost revenue, increase conversion, demonstrate return on investment, and concentrate on user experience. In other words, aside from keyword volume, it will involve data on behavioral analytics, including what your customer is doing, how they are doing it, and how you can get them to do more of it faster.

As such, focus more on retaining your customers and increasing your customer lifetime value (LTV) than ever before. Otherwise, other businesses may influence them and turn them away from your brand, so prioritize understanding your customers and providing them with valuable and relevant content. Give them information that answers their questions, resolves their concerns, and addresses their needs.

The best way to utilize SEO effectively is to develop fresh, engaging content. However, it can be challenging to do without having the right tools and expertise. If you need a helping hand, partner with a reliable agency, and seek top-notch digital marketing services.  

  • Brand SERP Optimization, knowledge graphs, and entities

Tracking brand search engine results pages (SERPs) and knowledge panels will become the norm in 2021. It means having an entity-based search that understands your company’s brand identity, products and services, and target audience by personalizing knowledge graphs. 

SERP technology works by Google accessing information about you, including your social media, search history, and emails, and other types of user information. It will be used to optimize your brand’s entire digital presence and the way Google features them. Therefore, all of your owned properties and their interactions with one another on the SERP will come together through snippets.

Track your brand’s result score in the knowledge graph API, build a complete organization markup, establish a presence in relevant knowledge bases, and claim your knowledge panel. All of these can be overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with SEO and how it works. It’s best to work with experienced SEO professionals and ask for custom digital marketing solutions.

  • Mobile SEO

Mobile devices are used for initiating online searches, so make sure that your content or website performs well, especially SEO-wise. Soon, Google will determine your rankings based on your mobile site. To ensure an exceptional mobile user experience, think about your users. Personalize your content and design elements based on their preferences.


Search engines are getting smarter by the day. While they have a good understanding of queries using keywords, keyword research will eventually become secondary to understanding the topics related to the queries and the intent behind them. Because of this, remember the SEO trends and predictions you should look out for in 2021 so you can have a higher chance of improving your website’s ranking and attaining online success.

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