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Tips for Holiday Marketing During a Global Pandemic – Our Guide

The year 2020 has indeed been a year full of surprises and change. What was once considered to be the norm has been altered into what is being called the “new normal.” The world of product marketing is no different. Since a massive part of consumer behavior has evolved because of the pandemic, marketers in all trades have had to adjust.

As the holidays approach, many marketers are having to step into unfamiliar territory as they try to advertise and market their products to the same target audience with different buying habits and behaviors. The golden question on everyone’s minds is this: Is it still possible for brands to sell this holiday season during these uncertain times?

Tips for Holiday Marketing During a Global Pandemic

No matter how effective your marketing strategies were before the pandemic, you may not see the same results moving forward. Altering aspects of your marketing strategies to fit into the new normal will be a wise decision if you want your business to realize profits for the holidays. Here are a few tips for your brand to be a success this year.

1 – Expand Your Audience

Most millennials and Gen Xers have turned to online shopping post-pandemic. However, many people do not realize that a lot of baby boomers have also adapted to this trend to avoid going out to do their shopping. It is important to generate online content and advertisements for all these generations to be able to expand your target audience. 

2 – Improve Your Mobile Experience

Since most people have moved their shopping habits to mobile online shopping, it makes sense to allot time and effort to improve your mobile experience. It is a good idea to create a mobile version of your website to ensure a pleasant browsing experience for all your visitors, regardless of what device they use. 

Make sure that the text is not too small to ensure readability. If you do not want to make the text too large, you can provide a way for visitors to adjust the size on your website’s mobile version. 

3 – Focus on Good Service

Remember that customers may be impressed by good products, but they will become loyal customers because of impeccable service. Make sure that you provide quick and convenient ways for customers to reach you, such as including a chat feature on your website and all your marketing materials. Don’t forget about your fulfillment and post-purchase services, be clear about your order and cancellation policies, and try to provide tailored support to every customer concern.

4 – Don’t Forget About People Spending the Holidays Alone

Many people are spending the holidays alone because of the social distancing protocols in place. Keep these people in mind as you generate content to market your products and services specific to their needs.


Don’t let the pandemic affect the festive mood you are in. As a marketer, it is still possible to win over your target audience and make good sales despite the difference in the way things are now done. As long as you have the determination to succeed, and if you are open-minded enough to adapt to the necessary changes, your business will be able to see it through the holidays with flying colors. 

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