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7 Biggest Marketing Challenges Black Owned Businesses Face

Black-owned businesses often face a number of unique challenges when it comes to marketing and growing their companies. Here are 7 Biggest Challenges Black Owned Businesses Face:

  1. Access to Capital: Black-owned businesses often have limited access to capital, which can make it difficult to invest in marketing and advertising efforts. This can make it harder for them to reach new customers and grow their businesses.  You can get help for finding funding by connecting with your local SBDC. This is a Small Business Development Center. These are centers funded by the Federal Small Business Administration.

       2. Lack of Visibility: Black-owned businesses may be overlooked by         mainstream media and advertising, which can make it difficult for them to get their message out to potential customers. This lack of visibility can make it harder for them to build brand awareness and attract new customers.  This is why The SEO Queen has 3 ways that you can work with the SEO Queen. The first way is FREE. You can check out our free and inexpensive seo books, free seo tools, our seo blog,if you get stuck you can always join the SEO Queen Facebook group and post a question for free and you will get an answer directly from me.

3. Limited Network: Black-owned businesses may have limited networks and connections in the business community, which can make it harder for them to find new customers and partners. This can make it harder for them to build relationships and reach new audiences.  This is why I am a member of the LA South Chamber, Connected Women of Influence, and the Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce Long Beach Chapter. It is very important for me to network and stay in front of my target audience, This is how you grow. You can’t build a brand in isolation. You have to go out among the people.

4. Stereotypes and Bias: Black-owned businesses may face stereotypes and bias, which can make it harder for them to be taken seriously by potential customers and partners. This can make it harder for them to build trust and credibility, which is crucial for any business.  This is why it is important to be civically engaged through the proxy of organizations that can organize and advocate on. your behalf.

5. Limited Resources: Black-owned businesses may have limited resources and may not have access to the same resources as larger, more established companies. This can make it harder for them to compete in the marketplace and reach new customers. Strategic partnerships are key here. You can partner with other organizations non profit, and businesses and go after contracts and grants. This is something that takes networking and certifications to achieve. You can get help from. your local sbdc for this.

6. Limited online presence: Black-owned businesses may have a limited online presence and may not have the same level of digital literacy to be able to take advantage of digital marketing.  This is why I created The SEO Queen and include 12 one on one strategy sessions with every signature package. This signature package is

7. Racial discrimination: Even though illegal, discrimination could also be one of the reasons why black-owned businesses face difficulty in marketing and promoting their products or services.

Overall, these challenges can make it harder for black-owned businesses to succeed in the marketplace. However, with the right strategies and support, black-owned businesses can overcome these challenges and grow their companies successfully.This is why The SEO Queen has designed 3 ways for you to work with her and her team. The first way is FREE. You can attend the free workshops as they are scheduled, read the blogs, and download free and inexpensive ebooks. Next we have our foundational SEO Subscription series. This subscription series you can start and stop at any time you choose. You can learn more about the SEO Launch Phase program by clicking the previous link.

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Zhe L. Scott, is the THE SEO QUEEN. She is passionate about motherhood, music and marketing. She is the author of SEO Training 2017: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for Small Business. She loves to play the violin, write music. In her free time she loves to spend time with family and friends.

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