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5 of the Biggest SEO Trends Gaining More Traction This Year

Predicting changes and trends is a basic skill in the field of SEO. Businesses take their ranking seriously. For them, the effectiveness of their digital presence is their bread and butter. They keep an eye out on their rankings not only to improve their position but also to continue pushing their business forward online.

Annually, some trends come and go. However, in 2021, there are some recurring trends that are only continuing to increase and affect businesses. It’s up to every brand to adapt to this ever-changing landscape.

Here are just a few practices that can help boost your SEO and digital marketing:

  • Mobile SEO

Most people browse their mobile devices more than they do with their desktop computers. Buying a mobile device is also more manageable financially than buying a hefty personal desktop. Because of this, mobile technology will continue to rise in the coming years. 

This shift means that a business’s potential consumers are likely to be on their mobile. Because of that very fact, companies cannot afford the user experience to be bad on a smartphone. To ensure that your overall SEO ranking won’t get dragged down, sites and pages should be optimized for mobile users just as much as it is for computer users.

  • Voice SEO

In conjunction with mobile SEO, more people are engaging in voice search nowadays rather than typing down what they need. Microphones on mobile and computer are both having a great read on interpreting what a person is saying. People end up using their voices to ask their search engine a question, almost like when asking a friend.

This can change the way keywords and phrases have to be integrated into business SEO content. Since everything is more phrased in a query, it can be more effective to have that tone in writing.

  • SERP Advantage

The search engine results page or SERP usually displays some of the best and relevant information and listings at the top. This can become an advantage for local SEO as people refer to the full text displayed rather than clicking on any of the links at all in the first place.

  • SMITH Algorithm

Google used to feature the BERT algorithm, which stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This used to have limitations with analyzing longer forms of content. Still, the SMITH or Siamese Multi-depth Transformer-Based Hierarchical algorithm helps remedy that by letting Google have a more in-depth understanding of the content presented. 

  • Content Variation

Content can almost feel like it’s gone every twist and turn, but it continues to evolve. One key thing businesses always have to integrate into their SEO strategy is deviating from the usual way of delivering content and using other media. Text is excellent, but there are also avenues such as YouTube and TikTok for video content and Instagram for photo content. 


As these current SEO trends gain more attention, clearer results are coming all across the board. Every business should be able to develop an effective strategy to let their brand reap the benefits. To do this, working with a reliable digital marketing agency will definitely help.

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