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Digital Marketing for Businesses: 3 Mistakes to Avoid In 2021

Over the years, digital marketing techniques and strategies have become necessary to achieve any measure of online success. With billions of consumers preferring to complete transactions online, your business should already be knee-deep in various comprehensive digital marketing solutions to maintain your growth and increase sales conversions.

In 2021, your business’s online presence is crucial to your long-term success. To stay ahead of the competition, you must be recalibrating and rewriting your marketing strategies to meet consumer needs. Unfortunately, there’s very little room for error, so you need to be aware of industry pitfalls you may trip over.

Here are three digital marketing mistakes you should avoid in 2021:

1. Strategizing Without Research

Online consumers are becoming savvier and more demanding by the day, and it’s all digital marketers can do to keep up with their ever-evolving preferences and tastes. For this reason, the quality of your market research should be the foundation of all your digital marketing strategies. How can you expect to catch your audience’s attention if you don’t know what they want and need?

Every detail of your marketing plans and goals should align with your audience’s specific preferences and pain points. You should also remember that these details don’t remain static. Just compare the eCommerce landscape five years ago with what it looks like today. So many things have changed, and the only way to remain successful is to be flexible and adjust to these new trends and consumer behavior.

2. Staying Away from Video Content

As the months and years go by, more and more online audiences prefer to consume video content. Video allows you to engage a potential customer on two simultaneous fronts: visuals and audio. Equally important is the fact that Google’s search engine algorithms are much more favorable for video content. Because of all these reasons and more, your business should be leveraging video consistently.

Fortunately, there is no limit to how you can utilize video as your marketing medium. You can storyboard a 30- to 60-second long spiel about one of your products and put it on your website and YouTube channel. Then, you can cut out bite-sized chunks and repurpose them for Instagram and Facebook Stories. As long as your content is unique, informative, and valuable to your target audience, you can’t go wrong with a robust video content strategy.

3. Churning Out Content

Every business owner has likely heard the evergreen phrase “content is king.” It’s true that consistently posting content is one of the simplest ways to attract and engage an audience. However, some misguided brands take it to mean that all they have to do is post meaningless content that’s only tangentially related to their industry.

Google’s web crawlers and search engine algorithms are more sophisticated than ever, and they know how to spot high-quality content that successfully engages an audience. And more importantly, online consumers are constantly on the hunt for attention-grabbing, unique, engaging, and valuable content. If they don’t find relevant information on your website or social media pages, they will never think of your brand again.

In 2021, you and your marketers need to be as creative as ever to be heard through the 24/7 online commotion.


The digital marketing world is rapidly evolving to meet the many needs of billions of online consumers. To maintain your business’s long-term success and growth, it’s important to be apprised of new developments and to avoid these simple mistakes. For the best results, you should partner with professionals that provide high-end digital marketing services.

At SEO Queen, we provide custom digital marketing solutions for our clients. If you’re not sure how to increase revenue from your online presence, we will audit your current assets and employ tactics to take your brand to the next level. Start a conversation and request a quote from the SEO Queen today! 

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