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5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss When Making an SEO Audit

By June 15, 2021 May 17th, 2024 Search Engine Optimization, seo

There are 5 common mistakes when doing seo audit that should be avoided.  If you know your website’s strengths and weaknesses, you will surely strategize on improving performance, expanding online visibility, and creating a great user experience for customers. Search engine optimization audit is one of the custom digital marketing solutions for your website. It dramatically helps by exposing errors and allowing you to make necessary improvements.

To understand how SEO audit works, let us discuss how it is done and why it is essential to your strategy. With that being said, here are five critical steps to an effective SEO audit that you must keep in mind:

1. Know what areas need SEO auditing

Generally, an SEO audit focuses on three vital perspectives, such as technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. These are the three critical areas that should be evaluated and audited to identify if they all relate or adhere to best practices. During the audit, you will find out whether or not all of these perspectives meet the technical requirements of the search engines.

Technical SEO pertains to a process of improving organic rankings. It involves indexing, rendering, website architecture, and crawling. On the other hand, on-page and off-page SEO are what you do inside and outside your site to increase your web presence. With the help of an audit, you can determine whether or not your efforts are enough and if you need to change your strategies. You can get a copy of SEO Training and this will help you to understand seo indepth

2. Compare results of two different periods

You can only say that you achieve your targets and improve website performance when you have two results to compare. For this reason, you must analyze your data from the current period and see how it differs from your previous works.

With this, you can also recognize some trends that might have contributed to the changes between those periods. Then, use your findings to plan on how to enhance strategies for the next period.

3. Identify concrete indicators of your website’s success

The digital world is vast and can be complicated at times. As such, don’t just set goals and leave it like that. Determine specific indicators that you must be highly concerned about when conducting your audit. These things should include SEO metrics like backlinks, keywords, organic traffic, conversions, rankings, and referring domains. In addition with the launch of AI like Gemini, and it being integrated into Artificial Intelligence

4. Use practical SEO tools

Before you start with your audit, you have to use a SEO tool that will help you analyze your keywords, content, backlinks, domain, site speed, ranking, traffic, and other vital areas. Between manual SEO audits and tools, you will always have more opportunities to optimize your website through the latter. Besides, the tools can help you quickly dissect competitor SEO strategies and find high-converting keywords.

5. List actionable SEO insights

After the audit, the next thing to do is to create a report or a list of insights from the gathered information and properly document qualitative and quantitative insights, and highlight specific findings. Then, you can proceed with the investigation or analysis on why you end up with such results and how you can integrate these into your subsequent strategies.

Final Thoughts: Utilize the Value of Your Audit

With an audit taking a lot of your time and effort, don’t let the findings go to waste. After a reflection on your current marketing performance, it is now time to take action. Yes, your audit findings are valuable, but what comes after is what can bring you to success.

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