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How SEO Techniques Help You With Conversion Optimization

Customers need a little nudging to your business online—since they have their pick of brands and businesses, you need to stand out from the crowd. Two things that can help with SEO are search engine optimization and CRO, or conversion rate optimization. SEO focuses on search engines, while CRO is geared toward users. 

Though they have different uses, principles from one practice can help you with the other one. For example, you can use SEO in your custom digital marketing plan to increase your conversions—here are some things that would help you to that end.

Prioritize Building Dynamic Content

Dynamic content are posts or videos that change depending on the visitor. Typically, this type of content is location-based. For example, suppose your website visitor is from the U.S., and it’s the last week of November. In that case, your homepage could display a holiday greeting or products and services related to Thanksgiving.

One example of a website with dynamic content is TripAdvisor, which displays the name of the state, region, or city you are searching for. Because of this level of personalization, the visitor identifies with the content more and has a better user experience. They are also likely to buy the product or use the service you’re offering if you have dynamic content. Instead of having lists of locations in your footer or relying solely on search terms, invest in dynamic content. It will make the user feel welcome and help you create a better experience on the site.

Use Visual Elements And Video

How long a visitor stays on your website also matters. The longer they are on your site, the more Google considers you as a highly engaging website. As a result, the higher your rank on search engines. If your visitors stay for over two minutes, it means you have a highly engaging website. Between 30 seconds and two minutes is good, and anything under half a minute is poor. Note that certain businesses will naturally have people who stay and browse longer, like e-commerce stores.

Digital marketing services typically include evaluations and site audits to help you make lasting changes to your site structure, which should give you insights you can use for A/B testing. For example, a quick change that can increase your dwell time is adding visual elements to your website. 

Optimize Your Page Loading Time

One of the most critical yet overlooked aspects of an SEO strategy is the loading time. It is a significant driver of site or page abandonment—when the page takes too long to load, people aren’t likely to stick around. According to Google, the average time for a page to fully load on mobile has dropped from 22 to 15 seconds. However, it is still too long since 53 percent of visitors would leave a page that needs more than three seconds of load time.

A great tool to help you with this is Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This reporting tool provides suggestions on how you can improve your pages. To improve your page rankings, optimize your website for load time—use smaller images, eliminate widgets that bog down your site, and implement other ways to make your site load faster.

Incorporate Long-Tail Keywords

When people search for specific things, they use long-tail keywords. For example, if you’re looking for clothes fit for the summer, you won’t type “summer clothes” on Google. Instead, you will write “clothes for summer hiking,” “what to wear summer wedding,” or something else equally specific. These exact phrases are called long-tail keywords.

When you want to improve your CRO using SEO, incorporate long-tail keywords in your text. Using these keywords and addressing users’ queries will cultivate brand loyalty and increase your conversions.


Two of the most reliable ways to bring customers to a business is to use SEO or CRO. SEO focuses on improving the accessibility of a website to search engines—doing so improves its rankings on search results pages, which brings in organic traffic. Meanwhile, CRO is about improving user experience to gain conversions—purchases, sign-ups, and the like. Whichever you choose, though, it’ll be best to team up with a digital marketing specialist who can bring the best results!

Let The SEO Queen bring your brand to greater heights. We provide SEO and digital marketing services out of Long Beach, CA, helping businesses create more visibility and authority through content meant for their audiences. So contact us today, and let’s get started!

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