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3 Ways You Can Speed Up Your Podcast Website

By June 29, 2021 Podcast

In recent years, podcasts have become more and more popular among different audiences. And the great thing about podcasts is that you never run out of good content to listen to. There’s a podcast out there for everyone. Whether it’s true crime podcasts or motivational ones, podcasts engage listeners from all over the world, giving them a new and exciting way to consume content.

There are different platforms out there for people to listen to and upload podcasts. But some podcast makers prefer setting up their own podcast website, especially if they want to include additional content. 

When you have a podcast website, you want to ensure that it loads fast. After all, people tend to exit websites when they take too long to load. And when you’re listening to a podcast, you won’t want the audio or video file to buffer. People want speedy access to content, so it’s best to practice these three tips to speed up your podcast website.

  • Use a Host for Your Audio Files

Before you decide to host your podcast on your own server, it’s important to know that these heavy files can slow down your site. Perhaps it’s not much of a problem at first. But by recording more and more episodes for your podcast, you might end up with a much slower loading time.

It’s best to hire a service to host your audio files instead. This can seriously boost your podcast site’s speed and prevent users from exiting. 

When looking for a host, make sure it also offers other services that can come in handy when producing podcasts. Some convenient features include automatic creations of transcriptions, automatic publishing to other platforms, and data analytics that provide you with insight into your listeners. 

  • Use a Lightweight Code for Your Site Theme

You don’t need to be flashy when it comes to a podcast website. More often than not, people only focus on the audio and simply play the podcast in the background while doing other things on their devices. So, there’s really no reason to pick a website theme for the aesthetics if it just means having a heavy code.

The code can affect the website’s speed and performance. So, it’s best to go with a theme with a lightweight code. Not only will a light code speed up your site, but it will also save you the trouble of fixing bad web designs of heavier codes.

If you’re not really familiar with coding, that’s okay. You can use prepared podcast themes to make your life a bit easier.

  • Use a Caching Plugin

The amount of content that needs to be downloaded can be a culprit in your podcast website’s slow loading speed. To fix this, you should consider getting a caching plugin.

Caching allows the website to retain information from the user’s previous visit. This can speed up the website since it’ll lessen the content that needs to be downloaded. But since caching happens at the server level, you’ll need to get a caching plugin instead to optimize your podcast website.


To help speed up your podcast website and retain your listeners, you can do a few things. For one, you can use a host for your audio files so that the heavy files don’t slow down your server. You may also find it best to have a lightweight code to avoid slow page loading. And finally, you could also get the help of a caching plugin to speed up your podcast website.

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