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3 Post-Lockdown Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Try

By December 16, 2020 November 8th, 2022 Digital Marketing

Big and small businesses all over the world are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic as the social and economical repercussions change the way they used to function. This global health crisis encouraged everyone to stay at home as much as possible. As a result, startups, enterprises, freelancers, and corporate workers are urged to make certain adjustments to stay afloat and enter the online world. 

Because of the tough competition, businesses continue to look for ways to promote their products and services online and capture the attention of their target audience on various digital platforms. If you’re a business owner who is struggling with adjusting to the “new normal,” here are some post-lockdown digital marketing strategies you can try:


Add new payment methods and offer discounts

The inevitable lockdown caused an economic slowdown worldwide. People are restricted within their homes, and this has greatly affected their employment and income. Because of this, businesses suffered from drastic reductions in customer conversion rates. 

If your livelihood is impacted by the global pandemic, don’t give up all hope. You can start attracting your customers again by reducing their financial burden. To do this, consider offering more payment plans and leveraging smart payment solutions. opt for cashless and contactless transactions and give discounts to help increase your customer conversions and see a growth in your profits over time. While you may have to take a temporary pay cut, this will allow you to see your clients through to a time when they can afford to pay your full fees once more.


Take advantage of affordable paid advertising options

Years ago, only established brands can afford paid advertising. But with the increase in global web traffic caused by the lockdown, more slots opened for paid advertisements, and their costs just got cheaper. 

Whether you run a small brand or startup, having a limited budget shouldn’t hinder you from putting your business out there in the online world. Take advantage of this golden opportunity and reap the benefits of paid advertising. This is a smart option because although the conversion rates dropped, cost-per-clicks (CPC) have not been affected by the pandemic.


Optimize local and international search engine optimization

Update your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and focus equally on local and international SEO to put out your business back in the market. Remember—the pandemic is a global issue, so make sure to diversify your SEO basis regions to adapt to the changing times. 

To attain your desired results for your SEO efforts, seek our digital marketing services. We can provide you with custom digital marketing solutions according to your needs and requirements. 

Beyond helping you rank, we can help expand your digital footprint locally and internationally and increase your sales from your online presence. This involves making an inventory of your existing digital marketing assets, looking for places where you can gain ground, and implementing new strategies and techniques. Over time, it will bring you hundreds of thousands in return for investment.

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    The global pandemic is a crisis and surprising turning event that has certainly put breaks to businesses and economies. If your business got affected, now is the perfect time to make appropriate changes in your digital marketing strategies to begin propelling your business forward. Get started by trying the post-lockdown tactics listed above and partnering with a company that specializes in SEO services.

    Make your business new normal-ready by hiring making us your professional SEO services provider. Explore our list of digital marketing services to see what we offer to businesses in the US.

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