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4 SEO Basics Every Website Owner Should Master

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing landscape that forces businesses to continually adapt if they want to maintain a good website rank. Unfortunately, this struggle is one that smaller companies may fall behind because they do not have enough resources to keep up. Fortunately, old-school methods still work well with modern setups, and the basics can help smaller enterprises maintain excellent SEO to boost their online presence. 

Curious to know about these basics? Here are four SEO basics you must understand to capitalize on your SEO efforts:


1. Planning

 The basis of any good SEO strategy lies in the planning phase. Here, you plan out all the strategies you will use to carry out your search engine optimization. Such strategies can include anything from creating a mobile-friendly website to the implementation of keywords in the content.

In terms of keywords, remember that content is still king, and keywords are what will connect your audience to your website’s content. To determine your keywords, you can use various tools online to help you identify them, allowing you to integrate relevant keywords or phrases into your copies. Incorporating long-tail keywords for specific searches can also minimize competition, meaning that you can rank high for niche keywords that other competitors do not use!


2. On-site Optimization

When it comes to on-site optimization, it primarily refers to the optimizations directed at your website. In this stage, you will incorporate all of what you have planned, such as keywords, and load-speed improvements, among others.  

Your chosen keywords should also be integrated into the various aspects of your website. For example, rather than solely focusing on your blog post, it should also be used in headlines and meta descriptions. Likewise, utilizing words that appear attractive and appealing can further improve click-rates and even sales.


3. Off-site Optimization 

Off-site optimization is optimization efforts that are not done on the website, albeit still affecting it. For example, you can look around to write guests blog posts to include links on your website. This motivates interested readers to visit your site along with reading other content.

Regarding link-building, it is one of the slowest yet most used off-site SEO methods that you can utilize. That is because it takes time to find other businesses that want to work with you and even more time to write content that connects your offerings with theirs. Similarly, this can be done on other platforms like social media, where your posts can link back directly to a page on your website.


4. Statistics Tracking 

With all your strategies implemented, you must remember to keep track of them. Only by doing this can you fully understand whether your efforts are working and showing good results or if changes are needed to improve things further. This is perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of SEO since it always changes, which is why you need to keep an eye out for these updates to improve your SEO strategy.



Search engine optimization can get extremely complicated at times, especially if you are trying for that top spot. Fortunately, by mastering the four basics mentioned above, the road to the best SEO strategy will become easier. You’ll soon discover various methods, tricks, and strategies that you use to improve your website’s rankings. At the same time, you can also start integrating SEO into many aspects of your other digital efforts to make sure all your online efforts facilitate your website and overall business growth!

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