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Everything You Need to Know About Schema Markup

The secret to a strong online presence and effective online marketing for your business is search engine optimization (SEO). But since SEO is ever-changing, keeping up with the trends can be challenging. It can also be challenging to determine which changes you have to make to produce the best results. 

The good news is you can make some backend tweaks to help you improve your chances of ranking on top of search engine results pages (SERPS). One of the changes you can make is using schema markup. To learn more about everything you need to know about it, use this article as your guide.

What Is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is code that you can add to your website to help search engines understand your website and brings in more informative results for users. You can use it to improve your web pages’ visibility, regardless of your industry.

Why Should I Add Schema Markup to My Website?

Search engine algorithms can analyze your website, and their primary focus is code. They cannot actually understand the meaning of your content and images. It means they cannot have a full or deep understanding of your products and services. Due to this, you can provide search engines with the context they need to understand your website and provide more accurate search results fully. 

What Are the Types of Schema Markups I Can Consider?

Schema markups come in different types. Here are some that you can use and consider:

  • FAQ schema

An FAQ schema can be added to your web page if you have an FAQ page. This type of schema lets you optimize your website for question-based searches, helping you stand out from your competitors. This is especially useful because more and more users are taking advantage of the voice search feature on search engines. 

  • Organization and local business schema

Local business schema is a type of organization schema that allows customers and search engines to find various information about your business, such as your hours of operation, location, contact details, and more. This way, search engines know the context it needs to generate relevant results to users’ searches.

  • Review schema

Review schema establishes trust for your brand, improves your ranking on search engines, and grabs the users’ attention. Unfortunately, many companies systematically abused this to display too-good-to-be-true ratings on every page of their site. This issue urged Google to implement strict guidelines that should be followed to prevent this problem from happening again.

How Do I Implement Schema Markup on My Website?

You can use online tools that generate the schema code for you. There are various schema types, such as FAQ, how-to, breadcrumb, and event, so make sure you know your needs to determine the right type of schema you have to use. After identifying your desired schema, add it to the footer of your website. 


Schema markup is a technical SEO tool that can help you grow your website. Using it is crucial because search engines’ understanding of your website plays a major role in suggesting your pages to users in the search results. Get started reaping its benefits by remembering the information in this guide and partnering with an agency specializing in digital marketing services.

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