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Why Search Engine Optimization Matters More than Ever in 2021

If there’s anything that came about this global health crisis, it’s that a whole lot more people have been spending their time online. The digital landscape has grown exponentially wider, and many more companies realize they need to catch up. One way to succeed in the digital age is to start paying attention to Search Engine Optimization, one of the most sought-after services in the most recent years.

Here are a few reasons SEO won’t be going out of style this year:

Users Turn to Search Engines for Everything

Ever had a question that needs an answer right away? The instinct for most people is to either ask someone they know or to “Google it.” There is an estimate of 3.5 billion users searching on this engine every day. There’s no doubt that being the first link on the first page when people search for relevant key terms can be a major advantage! And that is precisely what SEO is for. 

About twenty years ago, it was easy to rank for keywords when all you had to do was stuff your website with as many as you could manage. But since then, search engines have gotten a lot smarter. SEO in 2021 is focused on search intent, which is what the customer intends to see when they look up a keyword. The search engine will display the best resources most related to it rather than websites full of the keyword.

People have More Time to Go Through your Website

Now that things have slowed down a bit in the outside world, everything is becoming faster in the online world. That means that if someone stumbles upon your website, they have more time to look through it. You need to make sure that your user experience is top-notch in the following ways:

  • Loading Speed – Make sure that your pages load at a speed of under two seconds or faster.
  • Navigation – Don’t over complicate your navigation. Users should be able to find their way around your website easily.
  • Visual Appeal – One sign of a scammy website to most users is terrible visuals. Get into web design trends and upgrade your graphics to look professional. 

Good Content Draws in Curious Potential Customers

Content Creation is still a significant factor of SEO. Every page needs content for people to read and go through. The search engine looks at your content to give your page a proper placement for specific keywords. Without good content, there is no value to your website. 


As things begin to move faster in the digital world now more than ever, it is crucial to stay on top of all the updates online. Search Engine Optimization may not be as simple as it once was, but it is critical more than ever to get started. With the right strategies, reachable goals, and high-quality content, you can potentially rank for the keywords you want in due time.

Search engine optimization is no easy task for anyone with little to no experience to do alone. What you need is expert help from someone who offers excellent digital marketing services fit for royalty. Zhe Scott and her amazing team run The SEO Queen, a digital marketing company that can help you with your business’ SEO strategies to drive better results. 

With millions of dollars generated from digital marketing efforts and hundreds of successful campaigns in the bag, we are just the experts you need to skyrocket your SEO. Request a quote or speak to the Queen herself now!

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