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How SEO Can Assist Businesses In COVID-19 Pandemic Survival

By April 7, 2021 seo

Every single business across the world, be it a mom-and-pop shop, a private firm, a public enterprise, or an online business, has braced themselves for losses that the COVID-19 pandemic would incur. Unfortunately, these losses still continue—but as dire as the situation may seem, there are some things you can do to soften the impact!

It’s the best time to strengthen a digital business front. This is best done through SEO and other digital marketing solutions, such as social media marketing, PPC advertising, and remarketing efforts. That way, when the pandemic finally passes and things start to heal fully, your business will rank high on search engines like Google! 

Organic SEO and organic search are crucial in the competitive world of online sales, especially with everyone moving online, given the pandemic. Your business will be able to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs) through the help of digital marketing services that have a strategic approach and consistency.

Content is king, after all—and it has become more important than ever since so many people are doing remote work! Businesses are maximizing this time by having their employees focus on making content that Google will love. That way, their rank on SERPs will go higher! 

Efforts to do marketing online are now an extremely high priority for everyone.

How SEO assists businesses

Video interviews from employees and customers

One of the main things businesses want is to be established authorities in their field. A great way to do this is by interviewing customers and employees alike. Find out how they are, what their mindset is during these trying times, and how they’re coping or handling things.

Of course, given social distancing and stay-at-home orders, these are best done digitally! As such, it’s best to make use of video calling software and record the calls. Some apps already have the recording feature built into them. However, make sure that all parties involved provide consent to the call being recorded!

These videos will serve your SEO wonderfully since it will allow your website to have authority over numerous others in the market. That’s because the videos are content that is both exclusive and unique to you and your business.

Auditing of app and website SEO

Before anything else, it should be noted that doing a content audit from end-to-end is not what we’re talking about here. Such a full-fledged endeavor would take up quite a chunk of time that’s instead best spent elsewhere. 

As such, a mini audit will do just fine. Startups will be able to reach successful heights as they sort through online analytics and their content itself. That way, they’ll be able to pinpoint the SEO performance level of each individual piece of content and find out which ones are doing well.

Local boost through Google listings

Many businesses tend to overlook local SEO. It’s always a good idea to make sure your working hours are updated and readily found, especially with shifting permissions and safety regulations. 


The coronavirus pandemic has caused multiple businesses to brace for impact in terms of possible losses. Search engine optimization (SEO) is incredibly helpful as it is, though in times like these, it’s practically necessary! It can give the business a local boost through Google listings, establish authority through quality content on the website like videos, and streamline efforts through individual monitoring of content.

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