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6 Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Black-Owned Small Business

 If you want your business to have long-term, sustained success, you should have a robust digital marketing strategy. Billions of people use the internet every day to look for products and services they’re interested in. You should leverage that worldwide audience to increase brand awareness and bring in consistent revenue.

Digital marketing isn’t just about putting up a basic website and posting once in a while on social media. You have to build a multipronged strategy to stand out from the vast ocean of online content produced by your competitors.

Here are six simple digital marketing tips to boost your black-owned small business:

1. Do Your Research

Your digital marketing strategy should be built on a solid foundation of market research. You can’t expect to reach your target audience if you don’t know their specific demographics, online habits, and how they use your product. No matter how many resources you pour into your digital marketing strategy, you won’t get anywhere if your audience can’t find you.

2. Create High-Quality Content 

Once you have your audience metrics and targeted keywords, you should put effort into creating high-quality content that will engage your audience. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, so your content should take advantage of the new trends that pop up in your brand’s niche.

Aside from blog posts, infographics, and social media graphics, you should take advantage of the recent boom when it comes to video content. TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are platforms you can leverage to find a fresh new audience. Mix up evergreen and seasonal video content to maximize your outreach.

3. Be Creative With Lead Generation

Put together all your most valuable content and create an ebook that you can offer to your website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. This will trigger a more direct email marketing campaign that will bring in warm leads to your product pages and increase your revenue. 

The great thing about direct email marketing is that you can automate it to respond to what your potential customers are doing. Sending persuasive calls to action and attractive discounts right to people’s inboxes can lead to increased revenue for your brand.

4. Invest In Digital Advertising

Paid advertising combines traditional marketing with digital techniques. Spending a bit of money every month will put your website right at the top of a search engine page result. Your high-quality social media content can show up in someone’s feed even if they don’t follow you (yet!).

Before spending any money, make sure to use accurate and effective audience metrics to ensure that your paid ads are reaching the correct people.

5. Optimize Voice Search

2021 is all about the Internet of Things. More and more people are using voice-activated technology to browse the internet, and your business should be taking advantage. Voice search optimization is wildly different from standard SEO— you need to use long-tailed keywords phrased as questions instead of short phrases.

6. Think Local 

Leveraging your worldwide audience is a great goal to aim for, but make sure you don’t overlook your local market. Google Business listings and coordinating with other businesses and brands in your area will almost certainly attract many local leads right to your door.


A robust digital marketing strategy is essential for your small business to grow and thrive. High-quality content is still king, and you must supplement it by optimizing every aspect of your process. Make sure you target the correct audience so you can drive traffic to your business for a long time to come.

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