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Why Your Small Business Should Prioritize SEO Marketing

SEO has been in great demand over the last couple of years as consumers rushed to the internet in droves even more. Brick-and-mortar stores also moved their businesses online to thrive amid a global crisis, and SEO is the most effective and non-costly method to understand and reach customers successfully.

Many companies and businesses are aware of the importance of SEO for their online platforms and the benefits that come with it, like better searchability, visibility, authority, and scalability for their website. 

The Workings of a Search Engine

Search engines work in 3 parts. Before doing anything else, they send crawlers over all of the online content. Search engines use crawlers to take snapshots of data.

The data is then indexed for searching, which is essentially a massive list of terms. It goes further than that, however, as these search engines use an algorithm to rank all relevant content to a user’s query. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing.

Users return to relevant search engines. They develop a preference for one search engine. Google and Bing currently handle over 85 percent of all internet searches, which demonstrates user trust.

Here are reasons you should highly-prioritize SEO in your small business’ digital marketing services:

1. Allows You to Produce High-Value Content

Google and Bing use data like clicks, page views, and time on page to evaluate the levels of user engagement on your website, which shows how happy people are with the content they discover there.

The more high-quality and relevant content on your site, the better your pages are likely to rank in search results. Users are happy when they have access to high-quality information, and SEO helps you refine your content in a way that supports your audiences while fulfilling SEO metrics. 

2. Builds Your Backlinks and Domain Authority

Search engines examine external links to a website and will penalize backlink spammers. SEO strategies help you acquire quality backlinks that increase your domain authority. 

You may also look into building community links, as user-generated content links back to your website. Organic backlinks are far more valuable than spam bot links and make your content more shareable. Building a site with great content and an organic link network requires time and money. 

3. Makes You More Discoverable

Search engines are online librarians that strive to match the user’s search keywords with the most relevant content in their database. It is why SEO is vital because it helps you be more discoverable on search engines. 

When you use the right keywords, make your website more navigable without lagging, and meet all other SEO requirements that search engines look for, you’ll have a better chance of landing on page 1 of SERP (search engine results page). 


It’s hard to learn how to start with SEO and equally challenging to understand trends, implementation, and best practices. But it is not an impossible challenge to overcome. You now have a plethora of SEO tools available, both free and premium, to help you tighten your website and rank on search engines. 

The goal is to use SEO as a stepping stone to provide better user experiences or UX. When you are people-centered or service-centered, all other elements of your website will fall into place. You’ll make your website and content as valuable as possible to your audiences. 

The SEO Queen provides custom digital marketing services to help our clients get more clients and revenue while valuing integrity in our campaigns. We strive that our community of clients, employees, and strategic partners all win in marketing and business while positively influencing their target markets. Contact us today!

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