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How to Use SEO for Proper Promotion of Your Podcast

It is common knowledge that search engine optimization helps one increase their online presence. However, most people only associate the marketing tool with e-commerce businesses. 

Not all know that it can also be applied to other online endeavors, such as podcasts and more. Let this article tell you how to utilize the right SEO strategy to market your podcast better: 

How You Can Ensure Your Podcast’s Online Traffic Via SEO

Step 1: Find Where Your Audience Is

Before creating your online strategy for promoting your podcast, you first need to know where the people you like to talk to are. Podcasts can be accessed on different platforms. You need to know where your target audience finds and listens to your podcast online. 

Finding your focus can help you determine priority areas for your podcast’s marketing strategy. If you have not started your podcast yet, identifying which platforms you want to penetrate can be a good starting point. 

Step 2: Find a Theme

Once you know where your audience is or where you want to be, the next step is to identify the focus of your podcast. Although you are free to talk about any topic you see fit for your program, there should be one central theme or topic under your podcast. 

If your topic coverage is vague, you can refer to your audience data and see which episodes have the best performance. That can give you an idea of what your audience loves to hear about. You can capitalize on what comes out of your data analysis. 

Step 3: Add the Right Keywords to Your Episodes

Keywords are what would help your podcast appear on search results. You need to choose the right one for your project—for example, the title, which is the first thing search engines look at. Your episode title and description should be as clear and descriptive as possible. 

Find terms about your topic that people are more likely to search or interact with, but with low competition. You can use online tools to help you find the appropriate keywords for your podcast. 

Step 4: Add MetaData

Besides the title and episode descriptions, it would be best to add metadata or more details that explain your work for the algorithm and people searching for your podcast online. Here is where the tags come in. Meta tags are invisible tags that provide the search engine with a clearer understanding of what your show is all about, which is vital for search engine optimization. 

Step 5: Promote Your Podcast on Social Media

Do not forget to expand your reach by promoting your podcast on social media. These platforms are where people usually spend time. Moreover, when your followers share your episode or post on their newsfeed, you have a higher chance of exposing your project to a broader audience.   


Search engine optimization is not only exclusive to selected types of digital businesses. As long as online is your chosen platform, the correct use of SEO can help you increase your exposure and audience reach. In fact, it might be the missing piece that can help you optimize your podcast performance. When doing so, avoid relying on what works for others. Experiment and see what works for your podcast. Sometimes, a customized digital marketing solution is what makes your online presence more successful.

The SEO Queen is a digital marketing technology and services provider that gives your business the custom digital marketing solutions it needs to achieve its online goals. If you want your podcast to enhance its online visibility and reach its full potential, we can help. Contact us today at (617) 475-0964 or info@theseoqueen.net to discuss. 

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