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3 Vital Tasks You Musn’t Forget When Conducting an SEO Audit

Companies are often so focused on showing up on page one for specific inquiries and searches that they lose track of important aspects of search engine optimization. Many businesses invest a lot of time, effort, and money in various strategies and schemes at the start. However, when these tactics fail to meet goals and expectations, most business owners and marketers are left wondering how these techniques worked for others but not for them.

Now, this is why an SEO audit exists. In general, it helps companies and businesses monitor, assess, and evaluate the performance of their SEO initiatives and strategies. It also provides helpful insight on which techniques are effective and which ones aren’t.

However, the problem is that, even when you have a general idea of how SEO auditing works, it could be a little tricky to discern which factors you have to focus on more. So if you’re relatively new in the world of search engine optimization, here are three essential things you must never overlook when conducting frequent SEO audits.

1. Technical Website Analysis

First things first, of course, you have to ensure that your website is working correctly. When doing an SEO audit, the first thing you have to do is check whether there’s an issue with various elements of your website. Make sure that links, images, and pages are loading quickly, as user experience (UX) plays a significant role in ranking high in search engines.

Luckily, this is a lot easier done now than in the past. Back then, business owners had to do everything manually. This means they have to check on every link and page one at a time. But thanks to SEO resources and tools, website analysis platforms make it easier for anyone to run a quick inspection.

2. On-Page Content Review

Aside from a comprehensive technical analysis of your website, it’s also a must to evaluate its content. You have to ensure that everything is structured and organized so that online users can easily and quickly navigate from one page to another.

It’s also essential to check whether all the content in your website makes sense, so always review blog posts and keywords. As much as possible, eliminate content that is not in line with your goals and objectives. Keep an eye out for duplicate text as well since they confuse search engine crawlers that index pages for queries.

3. Off-Page SEO Audit

Most people usually just focus on on-page metrics that they forget to check on off-page links and mentions. However, these are actually essential components of search engine optimization. Note that search engines like Google consider external links when it comes to ranking.

Furthermore, there’s a higher chance that search engines will recognize your website as a trusted authority if you have plenty of off-page exposure coming from other websites and platforms. Thus, you must check on these factors as well when you’re doing an SEO audit.


Admittedly, SEO audits can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when you don’t even know where to start checking. Of course, the ones listed above aren’t the only things that genuinely matter regarding search engine optimization. Nonetheless, these are good places to start when you have no idea how an SEO audit works.

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