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Check the age of your domain with The SEO Queen Domain Age Checker tool!

One thing that you can do to increase your appearance on Google Page 1 is to use an old domain, purchase an old domain, or be patient for time to pass and continue to be patience building more content to your website. 

According to Google registered with ICANN to become a domain Registrar, but has not fully entered the business of registering domains. This has led many professionals to speculate that Google is a ICANN-accredited domain name registrar just for the purposes of determining how old a domain is. Google is in the business of selling website traffic, and in order to maintain the trust of visitors to its search engine it is important that Google serves great results to its visitors. It appears that the older the domain the least likely Google thinks that the website is spam. 

A Domain's age is determined by how long it has been indexed ever by Google. One thing that is awesome for an SEO professional is when they are able to purchase a domain that has been indexted by Google years prior. These are a gold mine, and using this seo tool you can find out how old a URL really is.