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We've all heard of Malware, and we've all heard of the Google Malware Checker. They're often linked together, but they're really different beasts. You probably use some malware on your computer, but you probably don't run it with the Google Malware Checker. So, let's talk about them and see why they're not the same thing.


Let's take a look at the definition of Malware. Basically, it's a software program designed to harm another person's computer system. So what does a Google Malware Checker do? Well, it does nothing more than run scans on a website, looking for any possible malware on it.


So it doesn't actually scan a system, it just scans the internet. Specifically it scans your website using Google's technology.  Google is in the business of bringing the best and safest websites to its users. As a result your website can get deindexed if you are not able to keep the content on your website safe. The Google Malware Checker uses Google's Safe Web Browsing technology to scan your website and search for any malicious code or malware. If any malicious items are found, the google malware checker will alert you so that you can take appropriate action. 

Although some websites can be dangerous, many of them are harmless and just try to provide the user with some information, like the internet, about a certain subject. This is what the Malware is - a piece of software that tries to attack, steal, or just misappropriate the resources of existing websites with malicious code.


Now, there's internet available everywhere these days, but it's not always safe. But it's safer than dealing with it through chat rooms or emails, and it's also a lot faster than surfing the web.


A lot of is downloaded from the internet. So, as a precaution, whenever you download something from the internet, make sure that you're able to find out exactly where it came from. And if it's on your computer, even better.  You also have to make sure that you keep your software on your website updated regularly because the wicked do not rest, and you have to be diligent to keep your website safe.